The average person spends at least 8 hours a day at work and the workspace is often viewed as their second home. Great companies hire the Hygiene Experts/Professionals and focus on keeping the work environment hygienically clean, safe and tidy. This greatly supports employees in productivity, efficiency and most importantly happiness.

Unfortunately, some businesses insist on staff undertaking the cleaning services of their own area/site.

In the main this is found to be very counterproductive and demoralising for staff not properly trained, as well as unsafe in often using cleaning products and techniques which will not deliver necessary hygiene levels.

Great people are happy to pitch in and help, but will not often express that they feel devalued when they are consistently asked to undertake these types of activities rather than the main job function. This approach can often damage all the effort and expense businesses put into developing a culture that delivers success.

Companies are very quickly realising that their employees are an indirect marketing channel. Work is important in their lives. They talk about it with their friends and families, often promoting products and services they are working on using various social media platforms as well as face to face.

Happy staff adopt a positive tone and are more productive. They participate more within a business and they are always among the top performers. These are the people that make your business stand out and they will often go the extra mile. Your employees are a direct representation of your brand and business.