Shaun Brogan

Strategic Lead Director

Shaun Brogan is the co-founder and Lead Director of BeGreen cleaning. Responsible for the overall customer experience and developing the reach of the business.

“I spend most of my time interacting with our customers which is a passion of mine and where I really get a full understanding of their business. This is vitally important in tailoring the service to meet their needs and ensure we can support them with the well-being of their team, brand value and sustainability goals.

When John and I decided to start a business, we wanted to focus of three areas: People, Planet and Profit. All are interlinked and can be achieved in tandem. I do also like to keep my hand in on the hygienic service provision to understand the intricacies that each task has although if you speak to John, I’m sure he will tell you that I’m not the quickest member of the BeGreen Team!”

John Smith

Operational Excellence Director

John Smith is the co-founder and Operations Director of BeGreen cleaning. Responsible for ensuring each clients tailored service needs are met and delivered above expectations.

“BeGreen is my most exciting career journey to date of which I’m taking with my very dear lifelong friend Shaun, who I first met in Nursery school only about 45 years ago! I vaguely remember discussing this business idea on the story mat. Shaun was bossing me around as well back then and was put on the naughty step. That’s an idea!

Our career paths and experience have brought us to this point in life and together we both hold the perfect mix of experience, expertise and passion to be very successful in this industry. When we both sat down for the first time to discuss this venture, we shared important core values of a business where we could make a real positive difference and be giving back to the community. BeGreen are a truly fantastic team of highly motivated, trained, conscientious people… a family who share the total focus on positive impacts to People and our Planet.”